my mother always told me “i made you from scratch and i raised you to be extraordinary”. until she died four months ago, i didn’t really think much of this but in her will was a letter with a list of twelve things she hoped she had taught me:

- always speak with determination for the goals you form; whether they be spontaneous or well thought out. even if you don’t know which stepping stones to take to get there, if you are passionately unwavering the universe shall provide you with the right opportunities to arrive

- that while independence is beautiful, stubbornness is not

- do things not to give up or give in, but for your own desire or for your own desire to shed light and love on others

- that grown adults have mental and emotional scars too. unconditional love multiplies, but it must first be given for it to blossom

- thoughtfulness goes a longer way than simple manners

- assumptions shatter trust quicker than an axe to glass window

- there is no room for complaints in actions never followed through on your own part

- pretending to be strong and composed will only get you so far

- nothing good can come from excessive indulgence. little is lovely, frequent is faulty, always is ache inducing

- passion is infinite if you yield it. if you close your exports then you suffer the emotional death of your inner creative

- know your name and shout it to the gods with confidence.

i don’t know where this came from or if it was by a famous writer, but it was beautiful. miss you more and more each day mum .

5:36 pm  •  12 April 2014